Yoga Teacher for Hire

Looking to add yoga to your workplace, festival, event or private lesson? Then you've come to the right place! Yoga is a great addition to any group event and workplace. It's also a great way to start creating a wellness routine and yoga practice. Email for pricing.

Regular workplace monthly or weekly wellness classes

Corporate & Non-Profit events

Retreats & Conferences

Special Outdoor or In-Studio Events & Classes

Private 1-on-1 sessions & small group classes (bachelorette parties, girls weekends, etc.)

Prices vary depending on the event.

Class Types & Descriptions

Power Vinyasa: This is an all levels class, great for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners. This fitness-based approach to a Power Vinyasa style class will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. In this power vinyasa class, we will build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with stretching and breath work. 

Kinetik Yoga: This is a kick-butt cardio yoga class. Get ready to have fun and break a sweat with squats, lunges, core work and more! Designed by Kelly Suttell of Yoga For Life Portland, and staying in alignment with the Universal Yoga Principles, KinetiK YogaTM is a dynamic strengthening class designed with repetitions, speed, and adds a cardio challenge. You'll focus more on the strength-building of targeted areas (arms, hips, glutes), but still walk away feeling the same strength and flexibility of Power Vinyasa class

Stretch Therapy Yoga: Stretch Therapy Yoga is an deep stretching class that stretches all the muscles in the body. Tight muscles can cause imbalance and pull the body out of alignment. This class will incorporate all the rotations of the joints and focus on breath work to help you dive deeper into your fascia and muscles, as well as help you to become more connected with your body and what is happening in it. Adjustments will be given for some poses in this class to help the student move deeper into their muscles and body.

All classes are great for all levels of yogis from beginners to experienced practitioners. Classes can also be modified to fit any length of time specific to the event. 

Contact for pricing

Please include the type of event, number of expected people, location, date and time in your email.