A little about me...

 I went into massage therapy and the healing arts to help people relax and bring both their body and mind into the current moment. I feel like this world pushes us so hard to be our best at any and all expense, that we forget to take the time to focus on what we need to nourish ourselves.

     In my experience with massage as a receiver, no matter what is happening in my world, massage brings me back to my body and helps me to connect back with my mind. Any anxieties or stresses of the day or week seem to melt and seem so small or non-existent after. As a practitioner of massage this is my goal for each client. Each client is different, and I love being able to cater each massage to exactly what you need. Whether that is to relax and de-stress, work on tight and painful muscles, or bring everything together with a holistic healing touch.


     My work has been expressed as healing, intuitive, and meditative. I draw a lot from science, anatomy, and subtle energy focus in each massage. The modalities I work in are Relaxation, Swedish, Deep Tissue massage, as well as CranioSacral Therapy. I also love to doing Sports Massage and Cupping. These are invaluable techniques to help with active people like runners, yogis, and other athletes. I have been teaching yoga since 2014, and have a vast knowledge about how the body can feel when muscles have been under or over-worked. This allows me to meet the needs of your body with each session.


     I graduated from East West College in 2010 and have been teaching yoga since 2014. In addition to my life in massage and yoga, I offer different wellness workshops for yogis, clients, and anyone looking to learn more about self care, their body, and how it works. I enjoy running, yoga, being at the coast, and spending time with my husband, dog, and cat.