In-Home Massage

Get a massage in the comfort of your own home. In-Home, mobile massage, means I go directly to you! You don't have to worry about driving in traffic or finding parking. You get to allow all the benefits of your massage soak in and relax in your own home. 

What to Expect

Regular Pricing:

1 hr Massage: $129

90 min Massage: $149


Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-8pm

Sunday: 8am-8pm

  • You can book your appointment online, via email, or over the phone/text.

  • I will arrive about 10-15 minutes before the appointment start time. This allows time to set up my table and get everything ready for your massage treatment.

  • I don't need a lot of space. I can set up pretty much anywhere. Usually a 5'x8' space works just fine. I have set up in living rooms, bedrooms, basements, and attics. I have even set up outside in the backyard during the warmer summer months.

  • I am totally comfortable with any dogs, cats, or other animals you have at your home.

  • If this is your first ever massage, everything is adjustable. You can undress to your comfort. I can adjust any pressure during the massage, bolsters, face cradle, and even the temperature of the table.

  • After the massage, I will leave to wash my hands so you have time to get dressed. Packing up my table takes less than 10 minutes, and payment (if you didn't pre-pay online) will be collected after the massage.

  • Tips are always appreciated, but not ever a requirement.

  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation.

  • Client no-shows will be charged the full rate of the massage service.

  • Late cancellations (less than 24 hours prior to appointment) will be forgiven once. After the first incident all late cancellations will be charged at 75% of the massage rate.

Services Offered:


Deep Tissue

CranioSacral Therapy


Massage Memberships

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Membership Pricing:

Silver: $99

Gold: $159 

Platinum: $299 

Client & Student Reviews ★★★★★

"Stephanie is an amazing, talented, and intuitive massage therapist! I love our monthly appointments and always feel amazing after our time together! She has a wonderful flow that really keeps you in the zone, and her bedside manner is warm and relaxed. I’ve seen many other MTs over the years, but Stephanie is hands down my absolute favorite! I love that I can get an amazing massage in the comfort of my own home at a reasonable price from someone I trust! Thanks, Stephanie!!" - Sarah G. ★★★★★

"I have had the great fortune to have Stephanie as a yoga instructor and a massage therapist! She is attentive and compassionate, and a lot of fun!" -Taylor C. ★★★★★

"Stephanie has been giving me massages since she finished massage school. They keep getting better & better. She is the best & most reliable masseuse. I highly recommend Stephanie!" -Margie T. ★★★★★

"Stephanie is such an incredible yoga teacher, she has the perfect amount of compassion that pushes you in a yoga class but also reminds you that yoga is a form of self love. I always feel so amazing after her classes. I brought a newbie to her class too and he was amazed, and though I’ve never had a massage from her I can tell by her adjustments in class that she is super intuitive" - Kendra R. ★★★★★

"Stephanie is so great I think others could benefit from her. She makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. Stephanie you most definitely set a high bar with massage and yoga. Keep up the excellent work!" - Debby O. ★★★★★

"I have taken her Yoga class and it was a workout! I am hard of hearing and she made it easily to follow along. My plan is one on one class with her so I can become more flexible. I recommend her when I hear people are looking for a teacher! She is friendly and makes the class fun!" - Brenda T. ★★★★★